Our packages are designed with the busy person in mind or that person who needs a bit of extra care making their water is extra clean. Sign up to our packages today and you will receive a host of benefits. If you add up what you spend a year. Many of our customers actually end up saving money on their hot tub maintenance but most importantly they have crystal clear water and a tub that is ready to use all the time. Sign up today and enjoy an even better hot tub experience.


No Call Out Fees
Discounted Chemicals and Accessories in Store
Priority Response
Expert Engineers
Expert Support & Advice
Discounted Parts


£ 30.00 PCM
Visits per Year 2
Basic Service 1
Wash and Valet 1
Chemical Balance
Chemicals & Accessories Discount (in store) 10%
£ 45.00 PCM
Visits per Year 4
Basic Service 1
Wash and Valet 2
Chemical Balance 1
Chemicals & Accessories Discount (in store) 12.5%
£ 65.00 PCM
Visits per Year 6
Basic Service 1
Wash and Valet 4
Chemical Balance 1
Parts, Chemicals & Accessories Discount (in store) 15%
£ 80.00 PCM
Visits per Year 12
Basic Service and dis-infectant 1
Wash and Valet 3
Chemical Balance 8
Parts, Chemicals & Accessories Discount (in store) 20%

Please note: If the hot tub is under warranty and a Gold or Platinum package is purchased, the package becomes £10 a month cheaper, as warranty is covered on the parts.

Service – is a Basic Service
Wash and Valet – Clean Cover, Side panels, Waterline and Filters
Chemical Balance – Arrive at home and test the water, if it needs chemicals we add accordingly
Discount is based on in store orders not webshop